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Foothill Ranch, CA Weather

Forecast and Radar Links

Forecast and Radar Links
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On this page are some links to some good weather sites. You'll be able to check forecasts, radar, etc for several regional areas.  There is also a link for back-yard weather stations around the world.  If you notice any broken links, let me know.


Accuweather Foothill Ranch FORECAST

Wunderground Foothill Ranch FORECAST (My Station)

NOAA Storm Reports

Weather Warnings

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) uses these volunteer weather stations to help improve weather prediction models.

Southern CA Radar With Storm Cells

Orange and LA County Radar

Observed Precipitation

Lake Forest Station (includes weather cam)

San Clemente Station

Big Bear Lake Station

National Satellite

World Satellite

Weather Stations Around The World

Assimilated Data From NOAA Volunteers

T-storm on Catalina

How Solar Activity Affects Our Weather

This is the main site we use when storm chasing in the Midwest!  It has a great deal of technical information that helps us decide where our target area for the day will be.  It also helps us narrow our target area when we get close to a big storm.