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Please click on the links below to view my live weather station readings.  The links contain a ton of information including: temperature, wind speed, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, rain, highs/ lows and even a UV and solar sensor.  You can also check out the daily, monthly, and yearly history of the sensors.

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Storm Chasing...

This site is also devoted to a passion of mine...Storm Chasing.  I've always been fascinated with storms and how they develop and what they can do.  Every year, four of us guys get together to chase severe storms in Tornado Alley.  We have a blast every year.    (Except one year when we didn't even see a cloud.) 
I also take my boys out to the desert / mountains to watch the afternoon thunderstorms that are very fun to watch.  Most people have no idea why I like to do it...and all I can say is "it's in my blood."  So I've developed this site to not only show current weather conditions at my house, but also many links to other sites that might help educate others about weather and storms.  It may also educate others why I love weather so much.  Check out the photos I've posted.  Some I've taken, some not.  But it will give you a taste of what we look for every year.  Enjoy!


Grainfield, KS May 2008

Family Blog

Me under a super cell June 05 Kansas

Me near Supercell S. Dakota 2003


May 2008 Kansas


Tornado damage Braman, OK May 10, 2010

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.

Weather Station Started Reporting January 20, 2006